Friday, December 10, 2010

The End of the Beginning

It's crazy to think how fast the past three years have gone. It is already time to leave Casper! We have had such a good experience here and met such great people. We are leaving a lot of friends behind! But we are ready for the next adventure.

We are moving to Star Valley while Billy goes back and forth from Evanston for his last internship at the State hospital. This is his last thing he needs to do before he can graduate. This past week he has finished his master's thesis and project. He has spent so much time on it and is very relieved to finally have that stress behind him. We are so proud of him!
Trayson is still just as fun as ever. He is almost 8 1/2 months now. He is so so sooo close to crawlin. Any day he will take off I know it. His 5th and 6th tooth just popped up on the bottom and I'm hoping we have a break from teething for a little while. He does NOT sleep well at night the last couple months. He wakes up anywhere from 3 to 13 times a night I swear. I am hoping he grows out of this stage soon!

Yes he is still full of spunk and energy. What a fun little boy he is. The other day Billy and I were talking and I said (jokingly, not to frighten the grandparents) "Do we even want to have anymore kids? We can't get this lucky twice right?" :) We are just so in love with this little boy and are so grateful for him.
Still loves his mornings with Baby Einstein.
Chillin with Dad. Too cute
Me and my babe all bundled up

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

7 Month Pics

It's been fun watching Trayson learning new things that last little while. He loves eating cheerios, grahmn crackers, and little puffs. He hasn't quit figured out how to get that little cheerio stuck in his fist into his mouth yet though. He loves taking baths in the big tub. He isn't crawling yet but he rolls wherever he wants to go. A couple times he has rolled completely under the futon and was playing inside. He's such a cutie and we have so much fun with him! The other day he was playing with toys on the floor and I said, "Trayson...I love you." And just as clear as day and in the exact same tone and inflection that I did he babbled..." I uh yoo" I'm glad Billy was there to hear it. We were shocked. It sounded like he mimicked me exactly. It was pretty awesome.
The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy for us. We have become very close to our neighbors ,the Romeros, the few years that we've been here. They have been so great to us we've pretty much adopted them as our second parents. They've had such a fun time watching Trayson grow up. Tammy Romero found out she had breast cancer about a year and a half ago ( around there I don't really know). And the last 7 months she has been struggling with her health. It has been so much fun for Trayson and I to have her right next door. Whenever I was bored or needed to get out of the house, we would walk into her house and go in her bedroom and sit on her bed and talk to Tammy for a while. I think Trayson always made her feel better.
We spent hours on her front deck talking and playing with little Tray. She slowly was getting worse and having a hard time walking so the past few months I had been driving her to appointments each week.
The past few weeks she was feeling so much better. She didn't need her cane to walk, she drove herself to town, and she was just feeling pretty good.
Thursday the 14th we drove home to Star Valley around 4:00 and that day I was busy getting everything packed and ready to go. I had just come back from getting some things from Wal mart when I pulled in the drive way and saw Tammy sitting on the deck. I had so much that I still needed to do in the couple hours before we left. I almost just said Hi and went inside to get busy, but I felt like I should go talk to her just for a minute. Well just a minute turned into half an hour or longer. She also got to hold wiggly crazy Trayson for the first time in a long time all by herself. This made her sooooo happy. I'm so glad I took the time to talk to her that day even though I had other things to do because that was the last time I talked to her.
We came home Tuesday night and early Wednessday morning Dave came over to our house and told us that Tammy was in the hospital. She had gotten worse everyday that weekend and wasn't eating or drinking. That day he called us again and told us that Tammy was expected to only live 3 days. We were able to go see her in hospice a couple times before she died. I was shocked at how much she had deteriorated in just a few days. She wasn't responsive and you could tell she was struggling. But I'm glad we at least got to see her. Tammy passed away on Friday Oct 22 surrounded by her family.
We really miss her and it's hard to think that she is gone. I'm grateful to know that I will see her again someday. She was a great friend to us we loved her very much.
On a happier note!...Billy is getting closer to being done with school! About the second week in December he will be done with classes. Then we will move to Star Valley! I will be living with my parents while Billy will be back and forth from Evanston doing his last internship and the State Hospital there. We are excited to have a change but we will really miss many people here in Casper.

Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Cookin for Halloween?

Trayson was a lobster for Halloween and Billy and I were the Chef's! We had so much fun. Friday night we went to our ward Halloween party and I was surprised at how many people took our pictures and especially of Tray "cookin" in his pot! They just loved it. It was fun to see everyone's faces when we walked in the gymn with our overgrown lobster.

Trayson was pretty content in his pot. He had toys and
cheerios stashed inside and was perfectly happy

I really could eat him up!

I didn't get many pics of our pumpkin carving this year and this one is the only one worth sharing. The Trayson look-a-like pumpkin. Can't you tell?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

6 Month Spaz Attack

Happy half year Trayson! Listening to conference this weekend has reminded me of exactly 6 months ago when I was listening to conference while holding my two day old baby boy. I did more sleeping than listening honestly. But I can't believe how much he has grown since that time! What a blessing he has been in our lives. The world is better because this sweetie came into it.

Trayson is sitting up by himself now and plays good with toys on the floor. He loves reading books and chewing on them. I think he may be teething on the top now but I can't see anything yet.

To celebrate being 6 months old he got his first bonk on his head. I was on the computer and holding him. He dropped a toy and went to grab it and bonked his little head on the edge of the desk. Just in time for these pics we took today.

At least he forgot about it now....happy boy

Thanks so Aunt Gina for this cute outfit. I love it

And I had to post these other cute ones too.

He loves his new ball. I'm constantly putting it back
in his lap after it rolls away from him
Bright! no one told me that when they turn 6 months old their personality triples. We really have noticed this in Tray the past few days. He can get soooo hyper all of a sudden and start screaming and squealing (happily) and throwing his arms all over. I got a video of one such "spaz attack."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Love To...


Enough said

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The last couple weekends

This past weekend we went to Pinedale for the Antelope hunt. I wasn't sure how everything would work having a baby this time. But Trayson was so awesome. He's our huntin babe! He rode in his carseat bumpin up and down through the sage brush all day for 2 whole days. We're starting him early! He even has some little camo jams he was sportin.

Taylor and Grandpa Jody with their kill

This was Taylor and Jody's antelope that they shot. We have a picture with Billy's but I thought it might be a little bloody to post. The sucker just didn't want to die! After two bullets and a slit throat it still lived for a few minutes after. I couldn't believe it. Poor guy but I guess that's huntin for ya.

The week before labor day Billy had no school or work so we decided to go do something fun. We just drove to Cheyenne and took a couple days to do whatever we felt like.

Let's go Mom! I love that he's figured out he can look up at me and Billy. I
love starin back at those big eyes.
We toured the old governors mansion.
Then walked around the capitol

Swim time! Tray didn't know what to think about the whole swimming deal. Besides the water was really cold and this is as far as we went in.

We've had a fun couple weekends that I needed to catch up on!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Best Baby Sitter...

Baby Einstein!

I just love to watch Trayson's face when he is watching Baby Einstein. He is so focused on it and gets so excited. It is adorable. It really helps when I need to get something done around the house, but sometimes I sit and watch him.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Picture Overload!

Trayson is 4 and 1/2 months now! He didn't have an appointment at 4 months but he will go in next week.

  • Already has two teeth and is biting Mommy
  • Chows down on his rice cereal every night
  • Loves to watch Baby Einstein (The puppets make him giggle)
  • Rolls over
  • Giggles when Daddy throws him in the air
  • Loves to be outside no matter what we are doing
  • Loves screeching in the highest pitch possible
  • Loves to play in his new Bumbo and Aunt Gina let us borrow.
  • Would rather stand than sit. He can stand for a long time. He has very strong legs.
  • Gives me the sweetest smiles when I get him out of bed.
  • Drools uncontrollably
  • Is still the sweetest little boy ever.

Enjoy the picture overload!

What do I do with this?

He loves the winnie the pooh bear the Pom Pom gave him
I spend the majority of my day kissing this cute little face