Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Full Term and READY!

Our little baby boy is officially a full term baby! And It is wonderful to know that he could come anyday and be perfectly fine. No more worrying about a preemie baby. We are getting so excited to meet this little guy and I am oh so ready to have him out of me. :) Next week they will check and see if anything is going on yet which I hope it is. And these pictures will hopefully be the last that I post. I almost didn't post the 37 week one. I feel absolutely hideous so don't expect anymore of these! haha At my appointment yesterday the Dr. guessed that he is around 6 1/2 pounds right now. But he said it's easy to be way off on the weight.

This week has been so nice and I've been able to go outside and walk around a bit. I still have tons of BH contractions so it makes it a little hard. Spring is such a perfect time to have a baby I decided.

I thought I was big enough in my 35 week picture and was surprised at how much I had grown in just two weeks. I'd hate to see what I look like in another two weeks! Billy is home now from both of his week long clinicals. So it has been nice getting those out of the way. It's always a worry when he has to be gone a week at a time. But nothing exciting happened and now this baby is free to come whenever he is ready! Come on little one!

35 weeks

"Yikes!" is all I can say
37 weeks