Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pregnancy Pros and Cons

Things I like about pregnancy:
1. Tiny hiccups
2. Big kicks
3. Singing to him in the car
4. Actually looking pregnant
6. Back massages from Billy
7. Hearing his heartbeat
8. Decorating his room
9. Organizing his room
10. Folding and refolding his clothes
11. Constantly baby shopping online
12. Buying clothes
13. Looking forward to being a Mommy
14. Baby showers
15. Imagining what he will look/be/act like
16. Getting the “oh how special” look from old ladies.
17. Constantly having my hand resting on my belly so I don’t miss anything.
18. Just sitting in the rocking chair in his room
19. The excuse to take a nap whenever I want
20. The anticipation
21. Giving into cravings without feeling guilty (The baby told me too)
22. Thicker hair
23. Parking in the expectant mother’s parking spot at the mall.
24. Helping to bring a new life into the world.
25. Being part of a miracle

Things I won’t miss about pregnancy:
1. Back pain
2. Hip pain
3. Dizzy spells
4. Sore feet
5. Stretchmarks
6. Literally not being able to walk after a day at work
7. Being so sleepy
8. People telling me I look like I should be having twins.
9. People telling me the right way to have my baby
10. Hard core rib kicks. (They still make me smile though)
11. Can’t bend over
12. Can’t sleep
13. Can’t stop crying!
14. “Can’t breath!”
15. Leg suddenly giving out
16. Restless leg syndrome (yes it’s a real thing)
17. Stares from strangers, like they’ve never seen a pregnant lady before
18. Trying my hardest not to waddle in public
19. Icy sidewalks and stairs
20. My fast walk is slower than a turtle
21. Up half the night with contractions
22. Worrying that he’s okay when he’s still for a while

31 weeks
32 weeks

Only about 6 and 1/2 weeks until my due date! I can't believe it. I'm almost 34 weeks now. It will be here before we now it. I'm really having fun getting everything ready. I've had a long list of baby things and we've been wittling away at it for a while.
I have had a few nights where I have been up with contractions for four to five hours. But my Dr. checked everything and said that everything looked good and to come in if they were any worse than they had been. I haven't had any nights like that for a couple weeks. Just a few contractions here and there. Like last Sunday when I was giving a talk in church. I felt my face get really hot and I almost skipped to the end and sat down. But I decided that my talk was already short enough that I should finish. It wasn't the funnest thing though. I'm just glad that it's over. It was a long week worrying about that stupid talk...poor Billy. He has been wonderful to me. My Dr just had her baby a couple days ago so now she won't be there for a month. So he has to stay in there for at least that long!