Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sad Tray...Happy Tray!

Sometimes Trayson gets the crys right before he goes to bed and the only way to get him down is to let him cry it out. I got this video of his sympathy cry. Poor little guy. Don't you just feel so sorry for him?

Sad Tray...

We have a really good schedule down now where we do a bath, tummy time, feed him, then put him down and he goes right to sleep now. So that is working great!

The last few days Trayson has started to babble and smile a lot. In the mornings, after I feed him, I lay him on the couch and he looks out the window and just goes crazy. What a cutie.

Here is the Happy Tray!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Blessing

We had Trayson blessed in Star Valley this past weekend. We had so much fun seeing everyone meet Tray and he's just soo much fun to show off! Billy gave Trayson a wonderful blessing and wouldn't you know the only time he EVER screams during church is during his blessing. LOL. But it still went great and he was a little angel the rest of the day.
Here are a whole bunch of pictures.
My sweetheart
I just love my boys!
Grandma and Grandpa Kennington
Four generations on the Kennington side
Grandma and Grandpa Allred
Four generations on the Allred side

Here is the most recently update Mckell Allred Family picture. It never takes long for our family pictures to be outdated. There are already two more babies on the way. One in July and the other in October! We love babies.