Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Crafties!

I love decorating for holidays. It was one of my favorites things growing up. Changing decorations to fit the occasion is always exciting to me. I love the fall and decided I needed a few more Halloween decorations. And since Billy was gone all last week on a clinical I decided to put my lonely time to use and make something. I found a pattern for this cute little swag on the internet and thought I would give it a try. They had a pattern for the shapes you could print out and everything. It was a pretty simple project but very very time consuming. You have to cut out all the little shapes (even the eyes for the ghosts) and then sew them together and stitch around the edge of everything with different colors. It took me quite a while but I think it was worth it. It turned out so cute! If anyone wants to make the attempt here's the web site:

A close up. The decoration on the internet only had two pumpkins and three candy corn but I thought the pumpkins were cute so I did three of them. But I realized that they are the hardest to put together so that's probably why they only made two.

The complete project
Then I also bought these thin cardboard
letters and bought some halloween scrap paper
and ribbons and voila! another decoration!

And what's halloween without carving pumpkins?
Johnny, Callie and Mandy came over for the annual carving.

Billy's and my pumpkin all lit up. Mine's the dopey one.

We all decided that Johnny won the best pumpkin award with his elk bugling. Even though I gave him the idea, he still gets all the credit. Pretty cool huh? I couldn't get a good pic of it in the dark with a candle because it didn't show bright enough in the picture.