Sunday, February 8, 2009

Slacker! Slacker!

Man! I can't believe it has been so long since the last time I posted anything! I don't even have any good excuses either like not having any internet or being too busy. I just haven't had the motivation for a while.

Billy and I really haven't been up to anything new lately. Just the same old daily stuff and we are looking forward to spring break in March. I always like having something to look forward to. When christmas was over and we came back to casper I wasn't sure if anything exciting was coming up for a while. But now we are looking forward to another break!

Billy is still working hard at school and is in his third semester now. He has this whole summer off from school so we are excited to be able to do more this summer. Soon we will find out where we will be going for his first internship, which won't be until next summer. He works construction on the side for a friend of ours whenever he can. And I am still working as a Dental Assistant.

That's really all thats going on. I told ya, nothing new. We will be glad when spring is truly here. It has been teasing us for quite a while. It was so nice after christmas for a couple weeks and all the snow was gone and then it dumped and dumped on us. Now the cycle is starting over and the snow is almost gone but I know i'm not lucky enough for spring to really be here yet. Its still February! Hope everything is going well for everyone. Sorry for my slackin on the posts!