Monday, January 3, 2011

We had a great Christmas this year. I think having a child makes Christmas ten times more fun. Even though Trayson wasn't quite old enough to know what was going on he still got spoiled. And you can't beat having two Christmas mornings with both sides of the family! My sister Autumn and her fam got to come down. And I got to meet cute little baby Reagan. She's a doll! We got to relax, and hang out and play games whenever we wanted. We also got to Skype Billy's brother Jayson who is on a mission in Florida. That was pretty cool.

Christmas Eve Santa came to check on the kids!

Trayson in his "My first Christmas" jams.
All the cousins who were there for Christmas

I guess you could say he liked what santa brought him
My cute sleepy family on Christmas morning.

We went for a walk in the snow. Trayson wasn't sure what to think at first. But then he warmed up to that cold white stuff all over.

My sweet little boy is growing up too fast! He's going to be a year before I know it. He is 9 months and I still can't make him stop smiling. I think he's the happiest little guy out there!

Eat your heart out