Sunday, October 3, 2010

6 Month Spaz Attack

Happy half year Trayson! Listening to conference this weekend has reminded me of exactly 6 months ago when I was listening to conference while holding my two day old baby boy. I did more sleeping than listening honestly. But I can't believe how much he has grown since that time! What a blessing he has been in our lives. The world is better because this sweetie came into it.

Trayson is sitting up by himself now and plays good with toys on the floor. He loves reading books and chewing on them. I think he may be teething on the top now but I can't see anything yet.

To celebrate being 6 months old he got his first bonk on his head. I was on the computer and holding him. He dropped a toy and went to grab it and bonked his little head on the edge of the desk. Just in time for these pics we took today.

At least he forgot about it now....happy boy

Thanks so Aunt Gina for this cute outfit. I love it

And I had to post these other cute ones too.

He loves his new ball. I'm constantly putting it back
in his lap after it rolls away from him
Bright! no one told me that when they turn 6 months old their personality triples. We really have noticed this in Tray the past few days. He can get soooo hyper all of a sudden and start screaming and squealing (happily) and throwing his arms all over. I got a video of one such "spaz attack."