Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have a little bit of catching up to do. First of all, a couple weeks ago we had our first ever Mckell Allred family reunion. It takes callin it a "family reunion" to get everyone together now I guess. This was the first time we were all together at the same time since Billy and I were married. We all drove to Oxbow Oregon where Kory and his family live. For once they didn't have to go anywhere and we came to them! We all drove/flew a total of 8,890 miles to be together. But oh it is so worth it! We all caravaned it from Boise to Oxbow and all arrived there at the same time to invade Kory and Lisa. Here's what we did for the weekend...

  • Went on a tour of Hells Canyon Dam
  • Went to the Visitors Center
  • Made felt hats that the kids decorated
  • Played with the Kittens
  • The guys went shooting
  • Had races
  • Played badmitten
  • Went for a hike
  • Picked Blackberries
  • Swam in the river
  • Painted pet rocks
  • Had a manicure/pedicure for the girls
  • Had a water ballon toss
  • Finger painting
  • And took tons of pictures and laughed and ate in between everything
It's always so sad that wonderful times like this can only last the weekend. But we will take what we get! And Monday morning we all left for our long long drives home. Here is the new family picture we got (which will be out dated in October when baby Daxton arrives).

Couldn't leave this unblogged (hope you can enlarge it)

Then the next weekend Clay and Joni and there two little girls came for the weekend. We went camping by Alcova on Friday night. And to our surprise didn't even get wet! We left after a rainstorm, decided to go anyway, and were lucky and came home just before another one hit. We got to go on a little hike Saturday morning.

Macy and I were pooped by the time we got to the top

Summer seems to have gone by so so fast. As it always does. Billy will be hitting the books hard again starting on Tuesday and won't be stopping till he is completely done. He has had a good break for the summer though and is ready to get going again. Well I think thats the latest with us. Hope everyone is great!