Monday, June 21, 2010

Pics & Updates

We are starting to enjoy our summer now that it has stopped raining! It has really greened up and has been very nice weather. I just hope I can manage being in our apartment with no a/c all summer.

I think Billy had a good first Father's day yesterday. He is such a good daddy to little Tray. Tray loves it already when Billy gets home from work. He just won't stop smiling. He sure does love his daddy!

A few week ago Trayson had his two month appointment. He did well with his first shots. Of course they were no fun but they didn't effect him much. Here are his two month stats:
Weight - 12 lbs (50th percentile)
Height - 24 1/4 (90th percentile!)
Who would have thought we could produce a tall kid! We'll see though. There are some tall Kennington genes somewhere.

Trayson is still the light of our lives. He is so happy and smiley! I'm so glad I will be his Mom FOREVER!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pathfinder Dam

The other day our neighbors took us for a drive to see the Pathfinder dam that has overflown. It is designed so that when there is too much water in the resevoir that it will flow over and it creates a beautiful water fall. It was so amazing. It flows over all these big rocks until it plunges over into a 300 ft waterfall.
I couldn't believe how much extra water there was. And it just kept coming non stop. It was pretty cool. The last time there was enough water to do this was in 1984. So it has been a while and there were tons of people that came to see it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Growing Boy!

I can't believe how fast two months has gone! My baby is growing up so fast. He has an appointment this week and I'm anxious to see how much he weights. He is still such a sweet little baby and I love him to death.

We spent the past three weeks in Star Valley with our parents. Billy had a break in between school and his first internship so we decided to make the most of it. Even though it was pretty rainy most of the time we were there we had a lot of fun with our families. We were there so long that it felt wierd coming back to Casper. We are so glad that summer is finally here! The sun feels great and we are ready to do some fun stuff instead of stay inside all the time.

I love my little family!
Hope you liked the pics. I would write more but it takes forever with only one hand!