Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Wild, the Wet, and the Wonderful!

Wow, what a weekend. Mom and Dad came down since they wouldn't be having any company for the 4th this year. We are so glad that they came. We had a blast! We definitely made some long lasting memories thats for sure. They came Thursday night. Billy had to work for a few hours Friday morning so while he was gone mom, dad and I went on a little walk on the river. This is Mom at the edge of the water.

cute cute

Then after lunch and a nice nap we went miniature golfing. Miniature golfing is a perfect activity because it doesn't matter your age or how skilled you are at golf it is always fun.

Billy and his lucky blue ball.....notice the clouds....hmm

Dad pointing at his ball which has somehow ended up in the water. Thats wierd.

Mom and I both got a hole in one on the same hole. Fun!

I like this picture. Again notice the threatening clouds. We had a few more holes to go and it started to rain so we ran inside to take our clubs back. Then it started raining harder and harder so we waited inside for it to quit. The building we were in was flooding. Water was coming through the tops of the doors and through the bottom of the doors and was creeping along the floor everywhere.

So when the rain died down just a little,we decided to make a run for it. Billy ran to get the car and we came after him. We couldn't BELIEVE the HUGE puddles there were already!

This was one of the holes that was completely filled with water. We had quite the crazy drive home. We tried going one way but there was so much water going under the interstate that we couldn't get through. We turned around and tried a different route.

We were in downtown Casper and the drainage in the streets couldn't keep up with all the water. It was insaine. Never been in a flash flood before.

Tons and Tons of water. At one point that water was coming up over the hood of the car. Thats when it got a little scary. But our car made it through. Some others we not so lucky. While we were going really slow at a light a guy in an avalanche came zooming right by us and his wake covered our car and scared me and mom to death.

So that was quit the adventure but it turned out all right cuz since we hadn't finished golfing they gave us rain checks and we went back the next day for free! :)

there is a slide show of other pictures taken of the flooding in casper.

Day 2 and mini golf. Billy won the first day and Mom won the second day. Ya Mom!

A cool tree outside the golf course.

Then after lunch and another nice nap we went to the park and while me and mom read, Billy and Dad played catch.

Saturday night we went to the minor league game. Casper Ghosts against the Ogden Raptors.

Dad was just like a little kid in a candy store. He loved it! Then we drove to a good spot and watched the fireworks before another rainstorm came with warnings of a flash flood. What a fun and enjoyable weekend we had with them! We just did whatever we wanted, when we wanted. And if we wanted to take a nap then thats just what we did!
Love you Mom and Dad!