Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rockin' the Baby Gut!

I'm officially "Rockin the Baby Gut" now. I've grown a lot over the last few weeks. I pretty much can't fit into anything unless it is maternity. I feel like I'm huge already but I know I'm going to get much much bigger before this is all over. Everything is still going great at my appointments and there haven't been any concerns of anykind. He is growing great!

Nothing has improved with my back and hips though. It's the only thing I don't like about it all. I have trouble with my siattic nerve mostly on the left side. It gives out on me sometimes and in the mornings and can't put any weight on my leg without it hurting. My Dr said that if it's not better by now it will probably just get worse the bigger I get. But it's all good I just love feelin him kick and squirm around. It is by far the best feeling ever! I'm so lucky.

I had a baby shower in Star Valley over Christmas break. It was a great turn out and gave us a good start on things we need for this little boy.

27 weeks down....12 to go!

24 Weeks

27 weeks (today)

I just have to brag about the cutest crib bedding that I found on ebay. So So cute! I wanted to do something that wasn't just the ordinary baby blue. It came with all the bedding, pillows, diaper stacker, 2 valences, toy bag, and 3 decorations. And here's the was only $50 plus shipping! Ah! I love it even more because we got such a deal.