Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things are still going good for us. Billy only has about 3 1/2 weeks left to be in Evanston.
He is ready to be done. And we are ready for him to be home more.
But he is doing a great job and we are proud of him!

My brother and his wife just had a new little one born on the the 17th of February. His name is Lucas Owen Allred and he was 5 lbs 15 oz. He's just a little thing and so so cute!

Trayson is doing great and having fun terrorizing grandma's house all day. I am getting excited for when I can take him outside and play on the grass. I know he will love it.

Every once in a while I watch my cousins little boy and he and Tray play an play. Trayson just loves having someone that will play with him and gets so excited when he sees him!
They will be very good buddies some day.
Trayson and Deegan

Tray absoluetly love this little red monkey that Grandma Kennington gave him for valentines day.