Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome to Grad School!!

Tuesday was Billy's first day of school and his first lab exam was today (friday). He studied for over 20 hours and was feeling a little overwhelmed. He took the test today and felt that he a bombed it.......which he did with a whopping 38%.......the high in the class!!! This is going to be a long three years!! haha

Scrubbie Buddies!!

Billy started grad school for Occupational Therapy this week. He is going to be pretty busy. Now we both get to wear scrubs everyday!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Billy the Headless Handyman!

Billy is going to kill me but I just have to post these. When we were unpacking and setting everything up Billy was cracking me up so bad. I've never laughed so hard. I got a couple of insidents on camera. Yes this is Billy the headless handyman. He was helping me put decorations on the wall and I told him to put his head down so I could see if it was straight. I was laughing so hard and I told him to hold still till I took this pic!
We had emptied everything out of this blue tub and the lid was just sitting on the top. Billy went to go sit on it and kerplop!!.....fell right in. He just looked at me like "How in the world did that happen?" Another time I couldn't stop laughing.

Last day with Dr. B and staff

We FINALLY have the internet now so I'll be able to keep up on the bloggin. Yeah!

Billy and I have moved to Casper now and have been here about two weeks. We think we are going to like it here. It's a pretty fun place. Laramie was great but I think we will like it here. I just miss my good friends at work! Here are some pics of my last days or so with them.

This is Carla Becker. She is crazy and super funny! She is the full time hygienist there. She always kept me in line and kept me laughing.

This is Chillon Guzeman. She is crazy and super funny too! Whenever we I didn't have anything to do I would go up front with her and we would chit chat.

This is Dr. B!! She is the craziest and funniest of them all! I just love her to death. She could out do me in absolutely everything!
I do miss it there at Dr B's office! Because of these three ladies it was always so much fun to go to work. There was never a dull day and I just loved how we could talk and laugh the whole day!! I will miss working with them and hope to see them again!