Sunday, June 21, 2009

Water World!!

Yay!! We FINALLY got to go to Water World in Denver! We tried going last summer and got all the way down there and it just rained and rained. There was only a 10% chance of rain for this Friday so we weren't going to pass it up! It was storming like crazy Thursday night when we drove to Denver though.

We couldn't have asked for a better day to go. It was prefect! We got there right when they opened and only left 30 min before they closed so we could beat the rush. Since I couldn't take my camera all over, I got some pics off the internet of some of the rides.

This is the revolution. It was pretty fun. We had to wait for 45 minutes and here I am getting all nervous like I do before every ride and we could hear everyone screaming as they go down. But the ride was probably under a minute and I'm not sure it was worth our precious time. but not bad.
This was one of our favorite rides. You can race with six people on mats. We LOVED it! The line went fast so you could just keep going. Billy and I were getting competitive. I would always beat him out of the tubes but then somehow on the way down he would cruise right past me laughing. We were talking about how we could see Dad, Kory, Aaron, Dal, Kelly, and Billy having a major tournament with this slide. Maybe next years reunion. :)

Billy went on one of these crazy slides that I think is more of a free fall then a slide.
Some rides were more relaxing,
but only after you hauled your huge
tube all the way to the top of it. hah
These are the only pictures we got of us for the day.
This is in the parking lot all excited and ready to go go go...


This is after. Amazing what 7 and 1/2 hours
of sun water and lots of walking can do to a body.
But we had an awesome time and hit almost
every ride there.
Mmmm...even got my cotton candy. I will always love that stuff.
Saturday we woke up and went to the temple and while we were there we saw my best friend ever! Josie! We were so surprised to see each other there!

So now our long awaited weekend is over but we had so so much fun and are glad that it didn't rain on us!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

AWESOME Lightening Storm!

I don't know about anyone else but we got one CRAZY storm here last night. I've never been in anything like it in my life! We walked out of the movie and it was raining really hard then we got in the car and started driving and the sky was black everywhere we could see! It was lightening in every direction. One would got off every second I swear. Then it started to rain even harder and then hail. We were afraid there would be dents in our car. It was seriously a storm from the movies. There was one point on the drive home on Wyoming Blvd that I grabbed Billy's hand because it got so bad we could only see if the lightening was close enough. :) I was just a tad nervous for a sec. I was glad when we got home. I got some video of it, but don't get to excited the video doesn't do a smidgen of justice. I guess you just had to be in it.

We got home and ran to our neighbors front porch to watch the rest of the show. He said that while we were in the movie there was a funnel cloud or two and the tornado sirens went off too. I didn't even know we had them.

I took like 15 videos trying to get a good one.

So that was our world last night and then we wake up this morning to beautiful blue skys and nothing is even remotely wet. Guess it was a much needed storm .

Sunday, June 7, 2009

So one of the things on our summer list was to got to Independence rock. Billy has never been there and since we live so close it was a must. We would still like to make it to Martens Cove sometime soon too. It is such an amazing place. So we drove out there and hiked straight up and we had the whole huge rock to ourselves! Fun place to play!

It really is straight up! Sorry the pics turned out a little blurry

It was fun to look at all the carvings in the rock and find old dates.
There were some engravings that seriousely looked like caligraphy. Thats talent