Sunday, August 31, 2008

Go Pokes!

Saturday we went to the Wyoming Cowboys' first football game of the season. It was way fun. When we were driving there, everyone else that we past was all decked out in brown and gold and were all excited and speeding. We had our own little caravan of crusing cars as we drove there. The Cowboys won 21 to 20. It was a good game. We sat close to the student section so ya most people were drunk and crazy. It was a really hot day! But fun! And as Dad would say.... "Go Yoming"!

Clay and Joni came to watch the game too!

Even little macy was decked out in her Wyoming gear.

Me melting in the sun

Billy cheering on the Pokes!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday Nature Walk

This is a waterfall that we went to this weekend. It wasn't even much of a hike to get to it either. It was really pretty. And of course Billy takes one look at it and starts climbing up it. He eventually got me to come along too. We climbed a little higher and ate our lunch on the very edge of this cliff and people would come to see the waterfall and wouldn't even see us. Two drunk guys even came while we were up there and they were wobbling all over the place. We were temped to chuck a rock at them. It was really funny that they never saw us. Besides the drunk, foul mouth guys it was a very peaceful place for lunch!

This is Natural Bridge Park that we also went to on Saturday. It's this big rock wall that the water eventually carved a pathway through.


Last weekend we drove to denver. The whole reason we went there was so we could go to Water World! We heard that it is really fun and have been planning to go for a while. We were all excited as we drove the 4 hours there; thinking warm, sunny, wet thoughts. Turns out wet was all we got while we were there. It POURED the whole time! There went our plans! But oh well just a different water world then we expected. But we had fun anyway! We went to the 16th street mall and shopped and also went to the Downtown Aquarium which was really fun. So despite the cold wet whether we had a great time.

Sting Rays are really squishy and bumpy! ew! It was fun to touch them.

I really wasn't as scared as I look in this picture

There were some really beautiful fish there.
I exhausted my battery taking pics of them all!
Billy's job was to make sure the piranhas stayed in line.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just can't get enough of them!

It's so true....I just love all my nieces and nephews to death and I can never get enough of them...ever. We had such a fun weekend with them. Kory and Lisa came to SV to bless little baby trevor. It was awesome. I played barbies, and dress up, and polypockets and had so much fun laughing at the boys. haha especially Kamron. What a crack up.

Here he is! Trevor Kory Allred.
Grandma and Grandpa holding Trev
Cute family of 7!
Sweet Sisters
Big Brothers

This is what happened whenever we told Kam not to put his hands over the baby's head. :)

How can you resist such a sweet thing?

Me and Mikayla playin dress up

I miss them already! Love you!

Grover Bridge

While we were at the Kenningtons we deciding to go jump off grover bridge. Yes I was being girly and didn't want to have to shower again. haha But I had fun being the photographer! They had a boy from Japan staying with them for a few days, to "improve" his english. His name is Masaki and he was very good at English I thought. He was a lot of fun. He was so hilarious to watch because he was so scared to jump off. Then he just kept going after he did it the first time. I remember when I jumped off this bridge once when it was snowing. Bbrrr.... Here's some fun pics!

This one just absolutley kills me!