Thursday, August 12, 2010

Picture Overload!

Trayson is 4 and 1/2 months now! He didn't have an appointment at 4 months but he will go in next week.

  • Already has two teeth and is biting Mommy
  • Chows down on his rice cereal every night
  • Loves to watch Baby Einstein (The puppets make him giggle)
  • Rolls over
  • Giggles when Daddy throws him in the air
  • Loves to be outside no matter what we are doing
  • Loves screeching in the highest pitch possible
  • Loves to play in his new Bumbo and Aunt Gina let us borrow.
  • Would rather stand than sit. He can stand for a long time. He has very strong legs.
  • Gives me the sweetest smiles when I get him out of bed.
  • Drools uncontrollably
  • Is still the sweetest little boy ever.

Enjoy the picture overload!

What do I do with this?

He loves the winnie the pooh bear the Pom Pom gave him
I spend the majority of my day kissing this cute little face