Saturday, April 2, 2011

The BIG 1!

We had a monkey party for our little one year old monkey yesterday! It's amazing to me that he is already 1! It has been a wonderful year having him as our son!
Dad helping Trayson color his monkey puzzle

Tray got lots of awesome presents and he loves them all. We didn't get to many smiley pictures for his birthday party. I could tell he wasn't feeling well and after he opened presents he had a major unconsolable cry attack. Poor little guy was teething on his birthday. Life isn't fair.

My little monkey....sad monkey
I think the stuffed monkey was the hit. He cuddles with it constantly and slept with it all night last night.

Sorry to brag but I was pretty proud of my first ever birthday cake. A lot of work to make a cake and just cut a chunk out of it! But it was fun.

The little man and his red eyes from cryin so hard. I felt so bad cuz it's so unlike him to just cry and cry like that. But we finally got him calmed down and he chowed down on his monkey cake!!

I'm 1!

Trayson has a new obsession with cell phones and whenever he gets ahold of one he puts it up to his ear/back of his head and says "HI!". Grandma and Grandpa gave him a play cell phone for his birthday and we got a video of it. He has always said "HI" and "HEY" all the time but I'm pretty sure he knows what he is saying and we are calling it his first word.

We also got him this walker that changes so he can ride it. But we decided to give it to him a week ago because he is so close to walking and didn't want him to start walking before we even got to give it to him.

Happy Birthday to our sweet little Trayson!