Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Summer Sweetie

This is my summer sweetie...
He could spend all day outside with his cousins
He loves eating popsicles on the back deck
For some reason my summer sweetie is obsessed with wearing grandpa's socks around the house.
Going to church
Me and my sweetie
Oh boy does he love basketball...
And baseball.....and golf...(don't have a golf picture)
cruisin in the summer sunshine
Eating popcorn on the back deck
This is my summer sweetie...


I'm a bit behind in this post but Billy has graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Master's in Occupation Therapy. We almost never thought this day would ever come. He has worked so hard the past three years to get to where he is today. We are very proud of him and he will be (and already is) a great therapist. He has been working for a few weeks now and just loves it. Nothing like getting a pay check insteads of paying thousands!

Trayson could have cared less about the graduation he ran all over the place. I'm glad it was a short ceremony.
Billy and his parents
Congrats Billy!